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Pining for The Boy

Saturday 02/26/2005 12:10 PM

A little something for The Boy:

Comfortable in his regal pose, Chaunce enjoys the double vantage of his position on the couch. Since he was a puppy when his mother discovered how he loved to watch, he has always played his guard dog role best while poised at the window, ready to sound the alarm at any passerby. In addition to his window spying, his couch location allows his cocked ear to catch any sounds coming down the hall from the back of the house and he listens for his mother's arrival home.

Made a couple kitchen discoveries yesterday.

Did you know that caramel is made by melting sugar? Here I thought there was some type of caramel plant or nut or something. Silly me.

What is the balsamic in balsamic vinegar? Well, I still don't know the answer to that, but after Candy and I finished our little word association game (balsamic, balsam, balsa... maybe they use a special wood in the fermentation process?), I discovered that it's just grapes. Plus a ten-year aging process.

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