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The First Thing You See

Sunday 03/27/2005 3:20 PM

In the History Channel documentary Egypt: Land of the Gods: Land of Magic (DVD and online study guide availabe), I learned about the essential components of casting evil spells in ancient Egypt:

In execration magic — spells designed to control or harm another person — ritual objects were often bound, crushed, burned or melted. Often the actual written text of the execration spell was buried in an abandoned graveyard.

Dr. Robert K. Ritner (of The Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago) continued:

"In older tombs, where the spirits no longer recieved ritual offerings, they would be angry and pre-disposed to take out their anger on those who were turned over to them for punishment. So you then deposit these texts in ideally such a cemetery."

And so we begin our discussion of the abandoned graveyard Grandma, Sheriff and I found at The Greenway a couple weeks ago.

Today's image shows you the first thing you see when you choose the right path through the woods and happen upon this peculiar fence on the south-side of the path, where fences shouldn't be.

And here's your riddle: Do you see the graves? Look closely. Tomorrow's image will zoom in on this same picture to show you where they are.

I will be out of town on business for a few days. So I am experimenting with a new feature on the blog, which will allow me to write the posts for the next four days in advance, but you will not be able to see them until the proper day and time.

Hopefully, I won't blow up anything with the blog.

Wish me luck, enjoy the pre-recorded posts and I'll see you soon.

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