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"I Was 27 Years Old The First Time I Died."

Sunday 07/24/2005 8:52 PM

Best movie since Solaris.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of discovering The Jacket. Part thriller, part mystery, but all good, The Jacket is about a Desert Storm veteran wrongly institutionalized for a crime he's pretty sure he didn't commit. On Christmas Eve, 1992, he is subjected to an experimental drug treatment that causes him to hallucinate and travel 15 years into the future. In the year 2007, he discovers that his dead body was found on New Year's Day, back in 1992. When he comes to, he is back in the present and begins trying to determine if/how he is going to die in seven days.

From the first few minutes of the film, I was thinking Jacob's Ladder or even The Sixth Sense, but I've said too much already. Trust me — even if you've seen those two other fine films, you won't be disappointed by The Jacket.

Something else that's really cool about The Jacket, are the experimental roots of the director, John Maybury. If you watch this on DVD, be sure to go through the special features regarding the story behind the production of the movie and then the experimental work done with some of the imagery in the film.

My favorite movie of the year so far.

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