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A Delivery, A Chauncey Flashback and A Fantastic Album

Wednesday 08/03/2005 5:12 PM

Boo got her present! This is what I sent her:

Hope you like everything, Boo!

For Christmas, I had our only video of Chaunce converted to a DVD for Candy. Just yesterday, I finally figured out how to grab screenshots from it (just press the P key to screen capture — jeez, so much for your friend and author being a technical wiz, huh?). So over time, I'll be sharing a smattering of vid-caps from Chauncey's feature debut.

I love today's shot. We'd be at The Greenway and I'd holler for him a couple times and, once he was good and ready, he'd come bounding across the field toward me. How I miss that dog.

Last but in no way, shape or form, least, we have an album that I highly recommend you listen to, if not just buy deaf on the strength of my recommendation. Click below to learn more about Geoffrey Oryema's transcendent album Exile.

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Music: Geoffrey Oryema "Exile"

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