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A Day to Remember

Sunday 09/11/2005 4:22 PM

Six years ago, Candy and I were wed in a lovely garden in the company of friends and family. Our most precious red dog served as our ringbearer while Sheriff looked on from the sidelines. Our dear friend Brian Edwards played his role of animal wrangler quite excellently as he assisted Chauncey through the crowd to where Candy and I were standing with Brian's father, Jerry, who married us shortly thereafter.

This is our first anniversary without The Old Man and we miss him so.

This is also the anniversary of the most heinous of crimes. We were celebrating our cotton anniversary on that Tuesday. I had ordered a bunch of Candy's favorite flower, the bird of paradise, divided into two lots: one large arrangement for her and a about a dozen individual arrangements for her to share with people at work. The flowers arrived at her office about 30 minutes after the first tower fell. Happy Anniversary, Darling — oh, by the way, the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket.

And now we have yet another sad time occurring during the annual celebration of our love and the life we share together. Now we have the aftermath of Katrina.

Did you donate yet? Here is another worthy group doing great work to help animals in need. Please visit their web site and give even just one dollar via PayPal. It will make a difference.

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