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My Lovely Wife

Sunday 10/09/2005 6:19 PM

Been gone a while. Reminded of one of my favorite William Gibson quotes.

I have a secret, but all will be revealed shortly.

In the meantime, Candy and I attended a wedding yesterday. She looked lovely, while I played the role of her out-of-shape stock broker husband in my rarely worn suit. We enjoyed the early October afternoon as we watched her boss, Sue, get married to Richard, the Mississippi river boat captain.

Later, Candy had a great time dancing with a couple of children out on the dancefloor and it was a thrill to watch her jumping and spinning out there. I knew the DJ and got him to play our first dance song from our wedding: Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind." That was one of the many times throughout the day she cried.

Over and over, I was reminded of our beautiful wedding in the garden some six years ago with our friends, our family and our precious red dog. I miss him.

More soon.

File Under: Candy; Life Happening; Missing Chaunce
Music: Kaizer's Orchestra "Ompa til du dør"

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