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Oh, Dysplasia, Oh, Dysplasia

Wednesday 01/11/2006 12:35 PM

What you wanna look at is where the ball-head of the right leg bone meets the hip socket. Feel free to compare against yesterday's x-ray of Chauncey's hips.

Ah... do you see it now? I knew you could do it!

The gross incompleteness of the hip socket, how it fails to securely lock the head of the leg bone, is why Argus is an immediate candidate for surgery. But like Dr. Guhrt said, even though the x-ray says to operate on this dog now, the dog is telling us, by his actions and behavior, that he doesn't need the surgery now.

Remember, the surgery (I'm not talking about hip replacement, but rather the cutting off of the head of the leg bone) will not fix the problem. It will only alleviate his pain. So since he's not in obvious pain right now, we're not even contemplating the cut.

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