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The Beauty of Blur

Thursday 01/18/2007 12:47 AM

Yep. Another scan.

I don't who took this... either me or Bobby. We were at The Greenway with the boys a few years back (gee, I guess that's six years back now). Seeing as how the picture is out of focus, I'd guess it was Bobby on the snapper. I don't think even today I'd be slick enough to intentionally take a shot like this out of focus. Chalk it up to a wonderous accident. Excellent work, Young Master Robert.

Sheriff in the mid-ground, following, yes, Chauncey in the farther.

Good times.

And now, your Quote of the Day:

“Artwork that is only about wanting to be famous will never make you famous. Any fame is a by-product of making something that means something.”


Found at the web site of graffiti artist Banksy and provided to you as your Link of the Day. He's giving away free art (click the Shop button).

Link of the Day: Banksy Frequently asked questions

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Music: Clint Mansell "The Fountain"

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