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Alex's New iPod

Tuesday 01/23/2007 12:01 AM

In about 5 weeks, Candy and I will be meeting Shannon and Alex in Atlanta for a few days of fun. I've been making lots of plans for the trip.

Today I'll tell you about our music plans. Alex's dad has been exposing to him a lot of old school 80's/90's hip-hop (Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, etc.) and Shannon has called on Candy and I to provide a counterbalance.

So when we meet Alex in Atlanta, it's going to be 80's new wave and pop all the way. Bananarama, The Clash, Erasure, Kajagoogoo, The Cure, Men Without Hats, etc. I bought him an iPod Shuffle and got it engraved with his name and phone number. He and I will use it (with a dual headphone jack) to listen to different 80's tunes. Then at the end of the trip, I'll give the iPod to take home with him.

And, no, that is not his real phone number in your image of the day. So don't dial that number hoping you can prank call my nephew.

Tired. Gotta go.

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Music: Various Artists "80s Tunes for Alex"

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