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Happier When I Could Hear Them

Tuesday 03/06/2007 7:43 AM

Was at The Lake Bottom with The Boys tonight. Have one word for you: Coyotes.

Only the second time I've heard them in Tallahassee. Was unmistakable. Last time was with The Red Dog and he didn't handle it too well at The Greenway with his trembling and nervous glances about.

The Black & Tan and The Black & Brown, on the other hand, didn't even seem to notice, but it was far off in the distance. All the while, though, growing louder. Not right on us (not by a long shot), but steady-steady in closing proximity.

It was when the howls and yips and yelps grew silent at once that made me pause. As the sound grew more and more silent, refusing to return, I was the one getting nervous. I've often imagined those yellow eyes looking out at me from the waist-high brush of weeds and such, more prairie than field since they tore it all up last year.

Remembering those nature shows about predators culling the heard, I kept myself between Sheriff and the quiet dark of the untilled acreage and forest beyond as I sheparded the Shepards to the safety of the car. Locked the doors and hurried home.

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Music: Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero"

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