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Coal Cat Coursing

Sunday 06/17/2007 5:51 PM

course [kawrs, kohrs]:

  1. A pursuit of game with dogs cats by sight rather than by scent. (see also coursing)

bi·tu·mi·nous [bahy-too-muh-nuhs, -tyoo-, bi-]:

  1. Of or relating to bituminous coal. (see also bituminous coal)
  2. My father's cat.

Still confused? Click the thumbnail (above and to the left) to see the image of The Great Feline Hunter.

Dad, I've been trying to write something for you, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be finished today. It is tentatively called Against Immortality (though I'm also considering The Risk of A Length of Arm).

My eight-year-old nephew Alex is staying with Grandpa right now. His mom will get there soon to take him to Grandma's. Then it's time for the long trip south to see Uncle Peter for a month (yikes!).

I've talked to Alex a couple times since he's been in the Upper Peninsula with my dad and, so far, it sounds like they're tolerating each other pretty well. Alex's busy schedule has been filled with such tasks as planning the construction of a shed, taking soil samples and sleeping over with cousins and aunts and such.

The first time I talked to Alex, I warned him about all the alligators in our backyard down here, and he sounded quite alarmed. The next time we spoke, though, I assured him that I had gotten all the alligators out. "But what if they come back, Uncle Peter?" he asked nervously.

"That's why we have a fence around the backyard," I explained. "To keep the alligators out."

Thankfully, his little brain didn't jump to the next obvious question regarding how in the devil those reptiles got in the backyard in the first place (since we have a fence and all).

The second time I talked to the little guy he also suggested that I should send Grandpa a card for Father's Day. Well, sorry, Dad, but I didn't make it. Hopefully this post will do.

Love you, Dad.

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Music: Loreena McKennitt "An Ancient Muse"

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