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Blood On the Moon

Sunday 02/24/2008 5:39 PM

It was a little after 9 o'clock last Thursday and I remembered the lunar eclipse was happening that night. I checked the web and discovered to my delight that totality was only about an hour away. So I loaded The Boys in the car and went for a cortadito (decaf, of course, especially considering the time of night).

Half the people at the coffee shop were outside staring at the moon hanging high in the perfect night sky. “Blood on the moon tonight,” I said to Zach as at the counter as he was already ringing me up for my usual. After a few minutes I was on my way to The Greenway, windows down and the cool night air flowing in and out of the car.

I should have known better. I should have remembered that meteor shower some years back and how at even 4AM people from all over town had flooded The Greenway. Parking was insane in those early morning hours, and last week as I got closer to the intersection with Edenfield on the right and the turn-off for the parking lot on the left, I could see cars parked on the shoulder of the road up and down Miccosukee. Slowing just as a couple of college kids walked by carrying drums into the dark, I realized this wasn't the place to set up my tripod while trying to keep an eye on the dogs.

So we headed on down the road to the far end of The Greenway, where that parking lot and field are next to I-10. There were about half a dozen cars there and I pulled in to the left, to the truck side, and let The Boys out. Set the tripod, took some test shots, made some new friends (Lori and Loree), moved the tripod, watched Argus make a new friend (female black lab and chow mix named Izzee), and after about 45 minutes, loaded the dogs up and headed home.

No zoom lens on my point-and-shoot, so the pictures were nowhere near the quality of anything you'd see in a magazine (or even a local, small-town newspaper). So I let my computer whiz-bang it up as if some watercolor artist painted what I saw as the moon hung there in the sky like a Transylvanian Christmas ornament tempting all the creatures of night with its promise of endless succulence.

File Under: Argus; Greenway, The; Photograph, Digital Manipulation/Composite; Photography; Sheriff; Weather
Music: Jacques Loussier Trio "Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: New Jazz Arrangements"

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