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The Hyena Men of Abuja

Wednesday 03/04/2009 11:38 PM

Years ago, while wandering the internets, I stumbled across three stupifying photos taken somewhere in Africa. The names of the images suggested the pictures were from Nigeria, but they really looked like a different world. Hyenas on chains with muzzles and walked like dogs with baboons in the background sitting on the street like so many homeless people.

Well today I learned (with apologies to the late, great Paul Harvey) the rest of story, and it is your Link of the Day. It's a captivating tale and if you click the photo link on the page, you'll see some more fascinating images.

No doubt this is a classic Peter story. Man and beast surviving together in the fuzzy life-death border between the wild and the not-so. I wish I could have traveled to Nigeria to see these for myself.

Link of the Day: The Dog's Master

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