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Jane says, “I've never been in love.”

Tuesday 05/12/2009 1:55 PM

You're probably tired of my faux artistic re-interpretations of my photos, but I'm not.

This one is Jane's Addiction performing their acoustic encore of “Jane Says.” Just before the song started Candy asked me if I wanted to go and I said, “No, they still haven't played 'Jane Says.'” I got excited because I saw them drag a new drum set out and I thought there was a steel drum there. It wasn't obvious to me that it was the right song and I thought I heard congas when the guy was hitting the drums. At one point early on I told Candy that I was wrong about the steel drum. Then they kicked into it and the drummer started working the steelpan. Turns out the congas were right next to the steel drum.

Felt like an idiot, but loved the performance.

File Under: Candy; Jane's Addiction; Photograph, Digital Manipulation/Composite
Music: Nine Inch Nails "NIN|JA Tour / Wave Goodbye 2009: Tampa, FL: May 9th, 2009"

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