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Wednesday 05/05/2010 11:35 PM

So yesterday this guys goes up in a plane over the Gulf to see how bad this oil spill is that everybody's been talking about on tv. Oh, he brought a video camera. Words fail me in my attempt to provide a witty introduction to this footage. All I can say is: Watch This Video:

This might not seem very topical, but Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails got married to the lovely Mariqueen Maandig last year and closed up shop a bit regarding his Nine Inch Nails band. He's said they'll still release new music, but their touring days are behind them. Earlier this year he released some photos and tidbits that made it clear he was back in the studio. Well, over the last few days, the truth has been revealed: He and his wife and a musician named Atticus Ross have been recording as a new band called How To Destroy Angels.

They have a six song album coming out soon and have now released one of the songs. You can hear it for free at your Link of the Day. It is not very much like Nine Inch Nails at all. It is slow and synthy and features Mariqueen singing instead of Trent, so the whole vibe is different relative to what your expectations might be. It is pretty, but also somewhat monotonous with it's seven minute length.

The song is called “A Drowning” and I was listening to it this evening when I was watching the video above. All of a sudden I was struck by the thought that the ocean itself could have been singing these words to the pilot with the video camera, to all of us:

Please, anyone
I don't think I can save myself
I'm drowning here
Please, anyone
I don't think I can save myself

I've been telling everyone that I'm in a kind of denial over this whole oil spill situation. I know it's nearby, but it seems so far away. I told a friend the other day that maybe I should drive down to the coast to see it myself (too soon, I think, for that).

Now with this video, though, my denial is losing its grip. According to Kübler-Ross, I guess it's time to get angry.

Link of the Day: How to Destroy Angels: “A Drowning”

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Music: How To Destroy Angels "How To Destroy Angels"

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