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Birthday Girl

Friday 03/04/2005 12:46 AM

Last Saturday, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Chez Pierre. They have a lot of great looking entrees on their new dinner menu. I got the special of redfish and shrimp in some type of cream sauce. It was very nice.

For desert, the four of us split a peanut butter pie with Foster's banana sauce. They brought it out with a candle for Grandma.

After dinner, we went home to balloons and cake for Grandma. She was suitably surprised and seemed to have a great birthday.

Would you believe she's gotten almost two dozen cards mailed to her down here? I hope I'm half as loved when I'm 93.

Updated the web site for my company. Well, I updated the long out-of-date portfolio page. Good enough!

And in other news, took 2nd place in a no limit texas hold'em mini poker tournament (ten people with prizes to the top three) this evening and turned my $11 entry fee into a $30 prize. Woohoo!

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Music: Various Artists "Desert Blues 2"

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