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Yet Another Favorite Food Loss

Tuesday 05/31/2005 1:14 PM

So last week, I'm walking through Publix and notice they are out of one of my favorite frozen dinners: LifeChoice Chicken Parmesan. The surprising part, though, is that they have only one LifeChoice frozen dinner left (meatloaf) and it has a red clearance sticker with a price of $2.02 (marked down from $2.99). I instantly go into panic mode.

Over the last couple of years, you would have had to have been in a coma or living in exile in some third world country to have not witnessed the rise of low carb dieting. I've been a carb addict for years, and, as these new low carb foods started coming out, I'd try a lot of them, always looking for new healthy foods that taste good.

The low carb candies mostly suck (except for low carb Kit Kats), the ice creams are tasty, but, for me, I found that it was the meals naturally made without carbs (or with low carbs) that I enjoyed more than the chemically doped foods masquerading as things you love, but shouldn't be eating.

LifeChoice (a subsidiary of ConAgra) appears to have been a brand especially developed for low carb foods. The first LifeChoice frozen dinner I tried was their Chicken Parmesan and I loved it (more in a bit). Then I tried the others like meatloaf, chicken varieties, etc., but it was the Chicken Parmesan I kept going back to.

The chicken parmesan was great. The chicken was not breaded, but it had a generous amount of cheese and a sweet, zingy tomato sauce that was perfect. The vegetable accompaniment was zucchini and red peppers, and many was the time I found myself wishing I got only one piece of chicken so the extra space could be made up with the veggies.

So, back to panic mode. I came home last week and pulled up the LifeChoice web site (I'd provide the link, but it now redirects to the ConAgra web site). Filled out the comment form and got this reply back a day or two later:

May 27, 2005

Dear Mr. Lakanen,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Life Choice products.

As consumers' preferences for products change, so do the varieties of our products. Only the products with the greatest consumer appeal remain on the store shelves over time. Unfortunately, the product you inquired about did not have enough consumer interest for us to continue manufacturing it. The products we currently offer are those that have the greatest consumer demand.

We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us and your interest in our products.

ConAgra Foods Consumer Affairs


So I'm hosed again and we've got yet another item to add to my "Food I Miss" list.

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