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Don't Bury Me Yet!

Sunday 06/12/2005 3:17 AM

Feeling better. Slept at least 30 out of the last 48 hours. Of course, as soon as I'm feeling better, Candy's been crashed since early Saturday evening and hasn't budged. Yeah, I checked for a pulse and she seems to be OK and all.

So with my head starting to clear and the only sound in the house the beating rain on the roof (I've had some recent sound sensitivity so no TVs or music and all ticking clocks have had their batteries removed — just call me Usher), there wasn't much else to do but play a little poker.

Remember that Omaha Hi-Lo 8 Tournament I won last week? Well, I went and did it again: Scooped it! With only 51 players this evening, my $5 entry fee only got me $69.61, but, hey, I'll take it.

Hmmm... typing is making me a little nauseous and I had to type that word "nauseous" about 5 times before I realized my brain isn't working well enough to remember how to spell some words. A quick check on Dictionary.com, and I feel down right puny. Weird. Call it computeritis.

Guess I should wrap this up.

Watched a neat movie called Two Brothers this evening. I think it's supposed to be a kids movie, but I found it a little difficult to watch, because, as an adult, I had a constant foreboding fear of how I understand reality to work when it comes to man-eating beasts in close proximity to man. That said, if you can get past the tiger hunting, circus brutality and savagery of man stuff, it is a sweet movie.

Due to my seeming brink of death illness (thought I was hospital-bound around this time last nite due to the most severe intestinal cramping I've ever had — trust me, you don't want anymore details), I haven't listened to Get Behind Me Satan very much, but Candy gave it a thumbs down and the worst of criticisms: "It's boring." I have a tentative opinion, but I want to give it a couple days before I jump on the bandwagon of White Stripes bashing.

Oh and you'll never believe what I was doing exactly 48 hours ago. I was in church. A Catholic church no less. I'm sure this has my mom's head spinning (no Exorcist jokes please). I'll explain some other time when I'm not getting dizzy from my eyes going back and forth as I type.

Now excuse while I go grab the wall to keep the room from tumbling around.

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Music: The White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan"

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