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Saturday 11/05/2005 2:18 AM

I went to pick up Candy's new car from the shop today. No, it's not brand new, but it is a new ride for her. When I got back, Argus met me in the carport and I immediately freaked out.

I ran into the house thinking something was wrong, but all the doors and windows were shut and Sheriff was in the house waiting for the two of us at the back door. Before the taxi showed up to take me to the shop, I had had them outside in the backyard, but even that is fenced in. I swear they were both in the house when I went outside to the cab.

There is a story in the book tentatively called My Horror, which describes the one time I left Chauncey behind when I took him and Sheriff for a run one night. I was on the phone and distracted and didn't realize I left him behind until I got home. May I never be that terrified again for as long as I live. I can't imagine what parents must go through when they misplace a child.

Assuming no one broke into the house just to let Argus out and seeing as how our new dog doesn't have the ability to walk through walls, the working theory is that I did leave him in the backyard and he somehow managed to get out. Candy has to keep reminding me not to use nicknames (how I love nicknames for my pets) for Argus until he learns his name, but I couldn't resist this evening when I called out, "Come on, Houdini!"

Now that I think about it, Houndini is a lot better.

Anyway, when I did call him and snapped the leash on his collar so I could take Sheriff and him for a walk, I discovered a clue. His rabies tag and new personalized tag with my address and phone number are gone.

So tomorrow, I'll hunt around the backyard and the perimeter of the house. Assuming I find them, I'm confident those tags are gonna help me piece together what happened.

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