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OMG! Brown Sugared Butter Cookies!

Thursday 11/03/2005 12:02 AM

Hadn't been to The Fresh Market in a while, so off I went to re-stock on cashews, almonds, kalamata olives, applewood bacon and more.

Whenever I go to New Leaf Market, a local co-op and natural food store, I like to buy at least one thing I haven't tried before. It might a familiar food from a different manufacturer or something that's never touched my lips before in any form. Other than the 12 hours of intestinal cramping I experienced after eating some sesame and nut conglomeration called a bliss bar, my experiments have been more rewarding that not.

I follow a similar plan at The Fresh Market and, in doing so, have discovered more good than bad new foods (requisite reference to my prior blog entry about olive experiments). Today I purchased two different boxes of sweet treats made by Elsa's Story.

The first looks like a small white milk carton and the label says Maple Pecan Pastry Bites. My grandmother (and also my mother) enjoys just about anything maple oriented. Maple syrup. Maple candy. Chocolate covered maple leaves. OK, maybe not the last one so much, but you get the idea.

The second box is cookies for me and it comes in a thinner, taller quasi-carton (opens more like an envelope at the top instead of the way a carton pops open with that diamond-shaped spout). In all red capital letters printed on the package, it reads Brown Sugared Butter Cookies.

Now you all know what a chocolate nut I am, but I will make some space in my cacao crowded schedule for some other sugary delights. That these cookies are so divine makes that penciling in a pretty easy task.

Sugar cookies have always been a favorite of mine (Grandma makes some awesome soft and pillowy sugar cookies) and after the first bite, these got on the list as well. The brown sugar around the edge crunches slightly as you bite through it, but then the baked carbohydrate infrastructure crumbles onto your tongue. Exquisite.

Highly recomended. Can't wait to try some more stuff from Elsa's Story.

Oh, and I discovered the joy of $1/$2 online 5-card draw poker this evening. Plus 30% so far. Forget all about that Texas Hold'em stuff.

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