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That Sound You Hear...

Tuesday 12/13/2005 7:39 PM

...is me jumping for joy with my new digital camera.

While the battery charged, I went to CompUSA for some adhesive screen protectors. Stopped by my buddy Richard's office to give him his Christmas presents (popularly shorthanded as HOH — Harrington On Hold'em, Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Volume One: Strategic Play and Volume Two: Endgame).

Not too long after I got home, the battery was charged and it was time to break in the new camera! Your image of the day (err... second image of the day) was taken under the worst conditions: Lowest image quality. Hand held without utilizing the image stabilization (haven't figured out how to turn it on yet). Barely any light.

With it probably being at or near the worst I can expect from the camera, it's not that bad.

Can't wait to see what it can do once I figure out how to really make it sing.

File Under: O'Leary, Richard; Panasonic DMC-LX1K Lumix Digital Camera
Music: Cliff Martinez "Solaris Soundtrack"

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