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Wednesday 12/14/2005 2:43 AM

That's a mighty fine long exposure shot. It helps if your subject doesn't move for the 15 second exposure.

After a little bit of chinese poker late this evening with Lou and Richard, I decided to play around with the widescreen Lumix. I added some additional optional info to the image of the day data. If you look at the image for this post (click the thumbnail), you'll see there is a link to a pop-up of a larger version of the image and an additional comment just below. This extra stuff won't appear for all images, but I will be adding them for photos that are interesting in one way or another (and are worthy of a larger version). Let me know what you think about this new addition to the blog format.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what happened to Sheriff... have no fear, he's doing just fine. We'll be getting some shots of him soon enough. It's just that your favorite pirate dog (figure that one out on your own — I'll help you out after a while) likes to sleep in the perfect spot on the living room floor where all sorts of ambient and indirect light plays across the floor at pretty much any time during the day or night. So his bed selection combined with his ability to remain very still makes him the ideal candidate for experiments like this. I actually took a few shots of Sheriff as well, but he was ensconced deep in the dark bowels of our 2 AM bedroom. As a result, the pictures were pretty atrocious.

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