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Poker At Jimmy's

Friday 12/16/2005 11:05 AM

Lou, Richard and I went to Lou's younger brother Jimmy's house last nite for some short-handed poker tournaments. We did something a little different last night by playing No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo for the first two tournaments and then No Limit Hold'em for the last one.

The breakdown for the three tournaments follows.

Tournament #1: No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo ($10 Buy-In)

  1. Lou
  2. Richard

Key Hand: When Lou, Richard and Mike went at it in 3-way and Lou stunned us (Richard most importantly) when he got ¾ of the pot with the nut low and the same straight as Richard for the hi. Mike got busted and then it was Lou and Richard in a heads up battle that lasted about 3 hands. We spent more time counting chips than they did playing cards, but it was fun.

Tournament #2: No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo ($10 Buy-In)

  1. Mike
  2. Peter

Key Hand: We were down to 3-way with me, Rob and Mike. By calling on the button, Rob was pot-committed and was going to be forced all-in on the big blind in the next hand if he folded after the flop. Mike, the chip leader, hammered us for 2,000 chips after the flop. I had a draw to the third nut flush and I really wanted to play. But since Rob was last to act, I figured he might fold if the flop didn't help him. Or since he hadn't raised all-in before the flop, I figured he didn't have a great hand, so if he called because he was pot-committed, I had to guess at what the odds were that he had random to at best moderate hand that was helped by the flop. I had no low draw, so at best I was drawing to half the pot. So because I was risking a good chunk of my chips to call Mike's bet, if I called and missed my draw for half the pot, I'd be in trouble on the next hand and one or both of the other two would have more chips. So with great reluctance, I folded. Rob called and showed KK (why didn't he go all-in with that pre-flop?) and, fortunately for me, Mike busted him.

Tournament #3: No Limit Hold'em ($20 Buy-In)

  1. Jimmy
  2. Peter

Richard and Lou left, so it was just me, Mike, Jimmy and Rob. On the first hand, I'm on the small blind and look down at AQ. Rob and Mike fold to me, so I come in for the standard raise of three times the big blind. So it's 100 more for Jimmy to call. He checks his cards, thinks a moment and then raises it 300. It's back to me. I look at my AQ again and look at him, trying to put him on a hand. We're heads up and I have the second best drawing hand (ignoring suited vs. unsuited) and I already know what I should do. I hesitate a moment a longer and then I push my hands across all my chips toward the center of the pot and say, "I'm all-in." Jimmy looks at his cards and grimaces. I can tell he's got real hand and doesn't want to lay this down. He pauses, he thinks and then he says, "I can't call." He shows his hand to Rob, who raises his eyebrows in interest. Finally, Jimmy folds. I turn over the AQ and pull the chips in. He mutters an expletive and grabs his cards and turns them over. He had AQ as well.

Key Hand: Jimmy, Rob and I are down to 3-way and I'm on the big blind with AJ. Jimmy is the chip leader on the button and goes all-in. I'm all ready to call him when Rob yells out, "Call!" and slams his cards down on the table showing AK. Then he looks at me and realizes he has shown his hand before I could decide what I was going to do. I say, "Well, I guess I fold," and turn my cards over my face up. Jimmy shakes his head in disgust and turns over AJ as well. With Rob way in the lead and one of Jimmy's outs gone, Jimmy deals the flop and — you'll never believe this one — the three cards that appear on the table and 10-J-J. That's right, the last two jacks in the deck hit on the flop and all of a sudden Rob, who was a huge favorite to win and double up, needs runner-runner kings to stay alive. They don't come and Rob busts out on the bubble (no money).

The first hand of heads up between me and Jimmy, I go all-in with A3 suited and he calls with AK. The flop is 2-K-5. No miracle 4 for me and that's it. So with the first hand of the tournament and the second-to-last hand, Jimmy and I had the exact same hand. How's that for weird?

Sorry, Rob.

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