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Orange Bowl Highlight #5: Eye of the Tiger

Wednesday 01/04/2006 2:46 AM

We had just started to regain our composure from the hilarity of the splitscreen of the failed kickers about 15 minutes earlier when the moment of the night arrived.

Penn State was driving the ball down the field and threatening to score, when the camera cut to Penn State freshman kicker Kevin Kelly, who had just missed two field goals in a row, either of which would have ended the game with a win for JoePa.

As we, the national viewing audience, are looking at this kid who's faking smiles to his teammates and surely rueing the possibility of another flubbed three point attempt, the commentator let loose with this gem:

“Get the eye of the tiger, Kevin. Eye of the tiger.”

Oh. My. God. That was so laugh out loud funny, the three of us just erupted in howls and cackles and spitted up most of our drinks though our noses.

And if you don't get the movie reference, you need to brush up on your Rocky Balboa movies, specifically Rocky 3, where our Philadelphia pugilist takes on Mr. T's Clubber Lang.

Without a doubt, the Quote of the Day, and, of course, a few minutes later he nailed it for the win. Way to go, Kevin!

And this brings us to the end of our Orange Bowl coverage. Still might post some pics of our nifty Orange Bowl gear, but it's time for bed.

In closing, what can I say? It was the game of games between two great coaches. Like the commentator said earlier in the evening, it's a shame they couldn't both win.


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