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Wednesday 01/04/2006 2:22 AM


As Bobby would put it... well, dadgum it!

Yeah, I was rooting for Penn State, but it was awful hard not to get excited during that fourth quarter and the — that's right — TRIPLE OVERTIME.



Pardon me... did someone say TRIPLE OVERTIME?

Yeah, I know I'm no Karnak the Great, but c'mon... you gotta give me some props for calling it.

OK. Highlights.

With a little over six minutes left to play in the game, possibly the best linebacker in the country, Penn State's Paul Posluszny is out of the game with a suspect hyperextended knee and possible fracture.

On the very next play (third down and, I believe, seven yards to go), we take advantage of the weakened defense and get the first down, which eventually sets up for a field goal attempt. No wide left this time, but the slightly left movement of the ball through the air makes every FSU fan flashback to Miami games of past. The kick is good and we are tied at 16-16.

With 35 seconds left on the clock, Penn State freshman field goal kicker Kevin Kelly gives it his all with a 29-yard chipshot and... and... it's up... is it good? NO! WIDE LEFT!

And we are going to overtime.

Overtime period number one, both kickers miss field goals. Overtime period number two, each team scores a touchdown (and ever-so-precious extra point). Then in overtime period three, FSU misses a field goal (details to follow) and Kevin Kelly nails his to win it.

What a game.

I've got a handful of highlights to follow.

And for those of you confused by the subject line of this post, no, that's not a typo. gg is shorthand for "good game". Most commonly seen in online gaming, such as poker, Quake, Doom, Tribes and other games I've maybe played once or twice.

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