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Hard Light, 50% Opacity

Friday 07/13/2007 11:01 AM

Twelve shots on a roll with the medium format. Wouldn't you know it, but by around shot number ten, I started to doubt that the N side of the B-N switch really was the fixed 1/100 shutter speed and the B side really was the shutter-stays-open-as-long-as-you-keep-your-finger-pressing-down speed. So I decided to do a test for the last two frames of film.

Went out on the front porch, set it on N, pointed the camera at some jade plants, clicked the shutter, kept the shutter button depressed and then made a single three-hundred-and-sixty degree rotation with my arms and hands. Must've been about 15 inches in diameter. Release shutter button. Total duration: a couple seconds (max).

Advance film, switch to B, wash, rinse, repeat.

Lo and behold, but the camera was right all along. Get the film back and, sure enough, frame #12 is all blurry and stuff. But as I keep looking at it, I realize it's no throwaway lab experiment.

I drop it into Photoshop, duplicate the primary layer, change the layer adjustment (on the top one) to Hard Light. It's a bit too intense, so I dial back the layer opactiy to a solid 50%. Voila!

Your picture of the day.

What do you see?

P.S. If you're confused about how much of that you see is from the original picture versus how much was due to the software, click the hi-res link under the photo caption to see the original image.

File Under: Holga 120CFN; Jade Plants; Photograph, Digital Manipulation/Composite; Photography; Photography, Camera Blur
Music: Clint Mansell "The Fountain"

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